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e5 Marketing, a national marketing organization, provides a full range of integrated marketing solutions for businesses of any size. Originally named Technovative Marketing when we first launched in 1994, we chose to rebrand the company in 2006 to meet the growing needs of our clients and prospects - providing enhanced marketing services to our entertainment, service and product clients as well as our original base of technology companies. We approach marketing differently from most other agencies because we provide every aspect of marketing, both traditional and viral, tied to an overall strategy, and scalable to the needs of clients small or large. From developing a single collateral piece to a global multi-layered annual marketing program–and everything in-between, e5 does it all.
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News and Headlines
> "Turning Vendors Into Partners"
It's one of the most enduring myths in American business: the lone entrepreneur, struggling against the odds to transform vision into reality. But is it really accurate?
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> "Working at Home Today?"
Harriet Donnelly, president of Technovative Marketing, a public relations firm, directs 23 employees, all of whom, like Ms. Donnelly, work from home.
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> "The Place That Tech Forgot"
Harriet Donnelly is a digital nomad. She lives in this New Jersey suburb and heads Technovative, a thriving high-tech marketing firm.
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