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mPhase Technologies develops and commercializes next-generation telecommunications and nanotechnology solutions, delivering systems to the marketplace that advance functionality and reduce costs. In telecommunications, the Company's mPhase TV+ System cost-effectively and reliably manages the delivery of television or video over telecommunications DSL, fiber or Ethernet access lines.

Business Challenge

mPhase needed a comprehensive trade show and event plan to go along with the rest of the marketing programs.

e5 Solution

e5 put together a comprehensive event program for mPhase – complete with a trade show calendar outlining information about each show. e5 went on to manage each of the shows. Understanding the needs of the sales team, e5 took total responsibility for the tactical details. This included acting as liaison with the exhibit houses and event staff, arranging for all booth needs (like electricity, carpeting, internet connectivity), making domestic and international travel and lodging arrangements, designing and producing booth and exhibit graphics and signage, setting up and tearing down the exhibit properties, and staffing the booth as needed.

The Impact

mPhase was able to be more productive at shows with onsite support of an experienced senior manager able to manage all of the related time-consuming activities. The sales force had someone to qualify prospects and optimize their time instead of having to deal with every person who stopped by the exhibit. With minimal expense, e5 created eye-catching graphics to give the booth a professional look.

Other Services Provided to mPhase

e5 also provided complete public relations support, collateral development, website and presentation templates, graphic design development, Russian language translations, and overall marketing support for the EVP of Marketing at mPhase.


"e5 has been our marketing department, helping us with whatever and whenever we have a need. Their hard work, consistency and efficient services and talents have improved the overall look and feel of the company and have helped us to achieve some wonderful successes."

–  Mary Whelan
Executive Vice President
mPhase Technologies