the science of marketing
How We Work

Why We Are Different . . .

Until now, few if any agencies offered an integrated approach to the key marketing issues of today, including lead generation, direct marketing, public relations, Web and electronic design, advertising, sales and channel distribution.

The options were to go call and manage multiple agencies (e.g., marketing, ad, Web, and PR firms) to get guidance and support. The result was a lack of integration, communication and coordination, similar to the computer industry's experience with multiple vendors running a network, hardware and software. Accountability was virtually nil.

Our proven experience, strategic expertise and creative talent enable us to produce holistic insights and a coordinated approach to deliver results. Our principal tools are "reusable assets": programs developed and designed to reuse materials, creative elements and integrate key messages. We have the depth and breadth unlike traditional ad, marketing, PR, Web and design agencies. You can get a strategic and affordable perspective all from one partner. e5 Marketing offers integrated marketing solutions–traditional agencies are not set up to handle these situations.

What We Do

For each project or program, we assign a senior-level manager to develop a full-service marketing strategy and help clients launch multidisciplinary campaigns. Each professional on our core team, has more than 20+ years of proven industry experience including senior management experience. Unlike traditional agencies, our professionals aren't just supervising your account; we are actually doing the work from beginning to end. We've solved real-world business problems with practical, short-term marketing actions to drive results quickly.

Our Integrated Marketing Services

e5 Marketing develops marketing strategies and coordinates the implementation across all marketing vehicles. Our fully integrated structure, experience, and proven expertise allow value driven price points and faster turnaround. This approach allows us to offer comprehensive set services that traditional agencies and freelancers simply cannot.

Commitment to Our Clients

When you work with e5 Marketing, you work with a focused, committed and knowledgeable team. We are straightforward and upfront with prospective clients and will only take on companies we know we can help. We provide a greater range of services, yet we offer all the services of traditional agencies at an attractive price. e5 Marketing will help you identify and maximize opportunities, increase productivity and competitiveness, create new markets and stay ahead of changing business trends.