the science of marketing
Harriet L. Donnelly
Prior to the formation of e5, Ms. Donnelly was a marketing executive with AT&T in the Personal Communications and Multi-media Products and Services Group. She held numerous management positions during her seven-year career at AT&T. Her responsibilities included launching and marketing the Hobbit chip from AT&T Microelectronics as well as the EO Personal Communicator. In addition, Ms. Donnelly was responsible for the launch and subsequent marketing campaigns of Safari Systems-the joint AT&T and Marubeni venture to produce and sell notebook computers.

As a member of the AT&T Olympic Committee, Ms. Donnelly managed the AT&T Family Program for the Barcelona and Albertville games and was also responsible for setting up the communications centers for the Atlanta games. She was a member of the Disney, Universal Studios and National Basketball Association (NBA) Operating Committees on behalf of AT&T.

In the 6 years before AT&T, Ms. Donnelly was the Vice President of Marketing for Automatic Data Processing (ADP) - Princeton. Her responsibilities included designing, planning and implementing joint marketing programs and incentives for the nationwide banking partners of ADP. She also oversaw the college intern program and launched the PC Payroll program in 1988.

Ms. Donnelly is one of the co-founders of NetChannel, a Bay area start-up company dedicated to the service-side of the consumer NC devices backed by Oracle and RCA. The company was sold to AOL and is now known as AOL-TV. She also co-founded a2b music, an AT&T venture, offering CD quality music over the internet. Ms. Donnelly is on the Board of Advisors for the Technology and Communications Fund in Mendham, New Jersey.